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1upHealth is building the world's most integrated FHIR® API platform. We already support the largest network of FHIR® connections to healthcare systems which your users can connect with two clicks. 1upHealth provides a managed FHIR® API Server with comprehensive support for FHIR® resource types and data models. Additionally, our FHIR® API allows dynamic search, supports version histories, Provenance and AuditEvent tracking all in a HIPAA compliant cloud. Any developer or health system can get started connecting patient data in minutes on the 1upHealth FHIR® API platform.

What is FHIR?

FHIR® (Fast Health Interoperability Resources) is an HL7 standard which brings RESTful APIs and a common format for hundreds of clinical data models to healthcare. If you're new to FHIR, here's what you need to know:
For healthcare integrators, this means that traditional HL7 standard data formats and messages are going to transition to the FHIR® formatted XML and JSON objects, with read and write functionality based on the GET/PUT/POST/DELETE functions used in web based APIs.
For healthcare app developers, you will now be able to have atomic data access to individual items within resources like the Patient demographics or Observations for lab results among many other resources. See more on how 1up supports developers here.
For healthcare systems, you can build and run applications on this new API standard and produce richer products with data connected from external systems. FHIR® is required under the new rules of Meaningful Use 3, so most EHR vendors will offer support in 2018. See more on how 1up supports providers here.
As a patient, you can get and share your medical data in more ways than ever before, including share it with apps that you use. FHIR® also means you'll have more choices of apps in the near future.
As a payer, you can meet CMS Patient Access requirements, run analytics on aggregated clinical and claims data, and offer more 3rd party apps to your members. See more on how 1up supports payers here.
1upHealth has proven that we are the experts in FHIR® based products and integrations. The founders of 1upHealth have been playing with FHIR® (see what we did there ? ;) since 2014. As a company we have won multiple awards and spoken at events on FHIR® related topics. We are not only leaders in the US, but globally, as the Ministry of Health of Israel has contracted 1upHealth to transition their data and research practices to FHIR.
If you're an app developer building a healthcare application, you can get ahead of your competition by using the 1upHealth FHIR® API. While others are worrying about standing up a FHIR® server, securing a HIPAA compliant database, learning about a vendor's esoteric data model, and creating integrations with health systems 1 by 1, you can just build your app on the 1upHealth FHIR® API Platform and get patient data flowing in minutes. Get started with these steps below, or browse our full healthcare API platform docs:
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    Use our open source demo health application to as an example with links to our dozens of health systems.
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