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How long does it take for the patient data to be populated after the patient authorizes data share?

Data ingestion times are going to largely depend by individual API endpoint, server, and resource volume, which makes exact time limits impossible to give. For members with larger resource volume it’ll take longer to ingest and some servers may be quicker or slower to respond to our requests.
As soon as the data transfer is initiated resources will be ingested into the FHIR platform. For patients with 200-300 resources ingest times under a minute are common to find, while those with 1k-5k resources can take 1-5 minutes. While it may take some time to get the entire possible resource load ingested, you can immediately start working with the portions of data that have been loaded through the ingestion process. For example a patient with 5k resources may have 1k loaded a minute after authorization that you can already be working with.