Production Access

To switch from 1upHealth’s Sandbox and enable production, you will need to follow a few steps directly in the Dev Console

Setting Up Your Credentials

First, you will need to register as a developer to get access to the 1upHealth API keys. This will be needed to integrate directly with your application. Once you create an account, you will have the needed access credentials through the 1upHealth portal, and can start the integration.
On steps how to set up your credentials, visit our Quick Start guide. If you have questions on how to do this, reach out to your designated sales engineer. Otherwise, email us at [email protected].

Setting Up EHR Production Access

Interested to go live in our production environment? Please reach out to our sales team directly for pricing and completing an order form,
Please note: 1. The Sandbox environment is completely separate from the production environment 2. Currently we do not support multiple user accounts in the dev console for handling the same set of applications 3. For more answers to common questions, visit 1upHealth’s FAQs


Reach out to our engineering team at: [email protected]