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Postman Collection

Postman is an app designed to help with API development, available both as a desktop app and on the web. While you can access 1upHealth APIs using standard network transfer tools, such as curl, Postman makes development easier with support for saving requests, using variables, and managing authentication.
First, make sure you've followed our Quick Start Guide to create a 1upHealth Account and your first application. Save your application's client_id and client_secret. We'll use these values to configure the Postman collection and start using the API.
Download the Postman Collection below
Run in Postman
After installing, Postman will default to the workspace setting which backs up stored variables to the cloud. This presents a security concern, so instead of using workspaces please ensure that you change your settings to enable scratchpad. This can be done by clicking the settings icon, and then Scratch Pad from the menu options as seen below
After switching to Scratch Pad, you should see a cloud icon with a line through it, indicating that your data is not being backed up to the Postman cloud servers.
For each API in the collection, you can expand the description beneath the title in Postman for more information by clicking the caret icon.
Click the caret to expand the API Collection
Before any of the APIs will work, you will need to configure your environment variables in Postman. In the top right corner in Postman click the "eye icon" next to the "1upHealth API Variables" dropdown. Then, click "Edit" on the popup to edit the API variables.
You will need to set values for the following variables:
  • client_id - from when you create your 1upHealth application
  • client_secret - from when you create your 1upHealth application
You'll see three additional variables that you do not need to set manually. They will be set automatically by the collection as you run each API in order. For example, code is automatically set when you run API 1, to Create New User.
  • code - automatically set via Postman collection item 1 or 2, just need to execute
  • access_token - automatically set via Postman collection item 3 or 4
  • refresh_token - automatically set via Postman collection item 3 or 4

Download the 1upHealth Postman Collection

Run in Postman